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2023-2024 Course Registration

To submit your class requests for the 2023-2024 academic year, please use the following directions:
Things you will need for future scheduling: 
  • Your Skyward login and password (this must be your own not your parent/guardians) 
  • Your JHS Grad Requirement form (the counseling office will provide you with this) 
  • Access to the Jenkins Jr/Sr High School Registration Handbook which provides course descriptions (p. 14-27). The course description section provides an overview of available courses, pre-requisites, grades range offered to, which semester it is available, and what graduation credits it counts toward.   
Login to your Skyward Access  
Choose Schedule from the tabs on the left side of the screen 
Choose "Request Courses for 2023-24". Available courses for the 2023-24 school year are on the left side of your screen. Use your JHS Grad Requirement Checklist to choose courses to meet graduation requirements. Except Health and Health Science (only one semester) the following are typical full-year classes taken by grade level.  
Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
Biology                                   Earth Space Sci                     Chem/Anatomy/Env Sci       Current World Affairs
Health or Health Sci             US History                              US History                               Economics
Computer Science               (or CiHS Hist 111/112)         (or CiHS Hist 111/112)         (or CiHS POLS 100 & 200)
English and Math will be scheduled for you based upon teacher recommendation. If you would like to take College in the High School (CiHS) English or Math please speak with your teacher. To pick any course use the "Available Courses for 2023-24”.
  • Choose courses by clicking to the right of the name of the course and clicking the button that says, “Add Course.” If you would like to remove a course, again click to the right of the course you would like to remove and click “Remove Course). 
  • Courses are listed as S1 (semester 1) and S2 (semester 2). If you would like a course for the full year, choose both sections A and B. Some courses are only offered in the 1st semester (S1) and some only in the 2nd semester (S2). 
Once you have a full day scheduled for both semesters (5 classes each semester minus English and math) you will select "Request Alternates" (tab at the top of the page). Choose alternate courses that you would like to be in if your first requests cannot be accommodated. List alternative courses in rank order (the class you would like to be in the most to the least).  
  • Choose courses from the "Available Alternate Courses for 2023-24" list. Your list of "Selected Alternate" will include a list of requested (R) courses and when you begin adding Alternate Courses numbers will appear. Please choose up to six alternative courses (3 in S1 and 3 in S2).  
  • You can change the number of the alternate course by selecting the arrow to the left of the course. 
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